The Youth League of the Coalition for Democratic Change, CDC, has qualified one of its lawmaker and senior member as coward.

“The Revolutionary National Youth League -CDC is taken aback by the latest act of cowardice exhibited by Thomas P. Fallah when he attended the induction ceremony of Francis Sakila Nyumalin, a notorious murderer of CDCians in Foya, Lofa County.” The youth league said in a press release.

According to the axillary of CDC, “amid the thunderous calls by the mighty CDC and well-meaning Liberians against the confirmation of Francis Sakila Nyumalin as Internal Affairs Minister due to his role in the killing of innocent CDCians in Lofa, it’s saddening to see Hon. Thomas P. Fallah graced and embraced the occasion of a man who is responsible for the mass killing of innocent CDCians who defended the party and Hon. Fallah against the hostile militia rebels led by Francis Sakila Nyumalin in Foya, Lofa county.”

“The Youth League refused to believe that this is the reward Hon. Fallah chose to give back to martyrs comrade Momo Tamba, and Emmanuel Varkpana who lost their lives and the attempted murder on the lives of comrades Yaya V. Sesay, Charles Bobby Morris and many others by a well-known murderer in Francis Sakila Nyumali.” The CDC axillary added.

According to them, they see the “ill-advised and selfish action” on the part of Hon. Fallah as an act of betrayal to the many partisans who continue to be murdered by the opposition and later celebrated by party leaders like Thomas Fallah.

“The innocent blood of Momo Tamba and other comrades will continue to remain on the hands of Hon. Thomas Fallah in whose defense they met their untimely demise while defending the party and his bid to who he is today.” The release quotes the axillary.

“It can be recalled that in less than a month, Hon. Thomas P. Fallah has prostrated to Mr. Joseph Nyumah Boakai, Jeremiah Koung and now the notorious murderer in Francis Sakila Nyumali for his selfish reason at the detriment of the lives of innocent partisans of the CDC. Instead of standing with the families of martyr comrades Tamba Momo, Emmanuel Varkpana and many other innocent comrades, Hon. Thomas P. Fallah is now in bed with the murderer of their children. A betrayal, sellout and a regime collaborator embracing injustice and aiding alleged killers.” The release said.

The Axillary of CDC farther said that they understand that Hon. Thomas P. Fallah is nurturing his political ambition to be the vice-president to his long-time friend Jeremiah Kpan Koung in 2029; so he will go to all lengths to betray the CDC and those young martyr comrades who have laid their lives for this struggle that he Hon. Fallah is a beneficiary.

“Therefore, the Revolutionary National Youth League -CDC recommends the prompt suspension of Hon. Thomas P. Fallah from the National Executive Committee and his subsequent removal from his position as Vice Chairman for Operations of the Congress for Democratic Change-CDC.

Meanwhile, the Youth League wants to call on all young people to remain steadfast to the philosophical and ideological construct of the mighty CDC. As we visit the graves of our loved ones today, let us not forget to pay homage to the many martyr comrades who died defending this party and continue to remain resolute in our quest for justice.” The release quotes the axillary.

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