The secretary General of the former ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) of George Weah, Jefferson Koijee, on Friday said that President Joseph Boakai will not go to work if the CDC results to protecting the former President.

“The day we come to the conclusion of protecting President Weah, you can rest assured you won’t go to work.” Jefferson KOIJEE said during a rally at the headquarters of the party.

According to the former City Mayor of Monrovia, former President George Weah has asked for twenty five EPS men for his personal protection.

Koijee believes that President Boikai is yet to respond to George Weah’s request, and if the current president fails to respond, the party will protect its standard bearer.

“President George Weah asked for twenty five EPS personnel but if you cannot provide him that or anything that falls short of that number, we can assure you we will protect him ourselves. We will call for a national protection day for President Weah and on that day Mr. Boakai you will work from home and not the Executive Mansion.” Koijee said.

Jefferson KOIJEE asked President BOAKAI not to push the CDC, otherwise the party will make the President uncomfortable.

“Don’t push us, don’t push us for we have what it takes to make you uncomfortable; go and do the people’s job, we won’t pretend to you, we don’t seek popularity we are action oriented characters, we will ask the citizens to join us in protecting President WEAH, any attempt.” He said.

The Secretary General of the CDC and former Mayor of the Liberian capital promised not to leave from George Weah’s protection position until he feels like.

“And the day we come to protect President WEAH, we won’t leave again, we will protect him till the day we feel comfortable that he’s well protected.” Koijee said.

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