LIBERIA: Bishop Quire Refutes Allegation of Signing Documents That Support Same Sex Marriage


The aggrieved members on Friday in Sinkor, Monrovia were seen carrying placards in front of the St. Nagbe United Methodist Church with diminishing words like “We refuse same sex marriages in the UMC, we uphold the Bible as Our Guide to Christianity, Regionalization is Colonialism, among others.’’

The group believes that act of same Sex marriage is against the way of God, and as such, members of the church will resist it, Alfred Mansah, the spoke person of the protesters, said.

In response, the Resident Bishop of the United Methodist Church Samuel J. Quire Jr. refuted the allegations of signing documents that support same sex marriage,

Bishop Quire disclosed that the United Methodist Church is not a Gay Church rather a church built on Biblical Principles.

According to him, on the issue of regionalization, it seeks to amend the structure of the church by empowering churches, Annual Conferences across the world to make ministry and missional decisions for their context in order to be more relevant and effective.

He noted that the church has been deeply American centre for long.

Bishop Quire emphasized that whether regionalization is ratified or not the Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church will not conduct any weddings or ordinations of self-avowed, practicing homosexuality.

“The United Methodist Church is traditional in its interpretation of the holy scripture and will continue its evangelistic outreach to all persons who live in darkness and do not know the redemptive grace of our lord, Jesus Christ (God).’’

He said the Church is a strong Church of God established to redeem sinners from their transgressions and urged members of the United Methodist Church to refrain from tarnishing the church reputation.

“To all United Methodists in Liberia and the public, the United Methodist Church is not a Gay Church! It is a strong Church of God administering to sinners who are in need of the saving knowledge and grace of God,” he said.

‘‘Yes, yes there are differences of opinion and conviction across our denomination but the mission remains the same. Be a United Methodist, Love the United Methodist Church and Stay a United Methodist,” Bishop Quire stressed.

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