LIBERIA: Bea Mountain Female Employee Hospitalized


An employee of the Bea Mountain Mining Corporation(name withheld) is seriously ill at the Catholic Hospital in Congo Town, outside Monrovia where she is hospitalized for medical treatment.
The female employee, whose medical report for seven-day bed rest was earlier rejected by her bosses at the Bea Mountain Mining Corporation Office in Monrovia, however, was later taken to the Catholic Hospital after it was observed that her health condition was deteriorating.
In presenting her medical report, the illing Bea Mountain Mining Corporation employee informed her bosses that she was not feeling well and has been advised to urgently seek medical treatment and she pleaded with them to grant her the seven-day sick leave for bed rest, which her bosses out rightly rejected and also threatened her that if she doesn’t go to work the next day action will be taken against her by Management.
Predicated upon this threat, she was compelled to return to work under poor health condition for fear of losing her job. After reaching at the office, she was informed by a colleague that her Turkish bosses gathered all the Liberian staff in the Department to sign a legal paper, attesting that the illing staff has been a delinquent employee for possible termination. Upon hearing this, her pressure went up high and she fell off. By the help of the first Aid methods employed by some of colleagues, she was resuscitated. After she regained his consciousness, the HR Department requested for a vehicle from Management to take her to nearby medical center for medical checkup and that request was rejected while the office vehicles were parked in yard.

Sadly, the fellow from the HR Department was told by his Turkish bosses to find commerce bike to take her at the hospital but was rejected by the ailing staff on grounds that she was helpless and also bleeding to get a bike.

Fortunately, she contacted her dad who is a lawyer to come and take her at the hospital with his car. After the arrival of her dad and her husband who were very mad with the Bea Mountain Management for the inhuman treatment given their relative and taking in all legal implications of their action, the Management shamelessly authorized tone of the vehicles to the staff at the hospital for medical attention.

‘‘We have learned from credible sources in Bea Mountain that all these inhuman treatments meted out against this lady by her Turkish bosses were in retaliation to her refusal to change her position from management Accountant (a lucrative position) to Accounting Officer (a degrading position) on her Annual Leave Request Form as unilaterally instructed by her immediate Turkish boss.’’

‘‘Based on her refusal and complaint filed against her boss to the HR Department relative to coercing her to change her position without the HR Department’s knowledge and approval, they (the Turkish bosses) decided to witch hunt her in all ways and factions,” a source at the Bea Mountain Mining Corporation told this paper on condition of anonymity.
‘‘Since she has been hospitalized at the Catholic Hospital on Tuesday, December 19, 2023, she has been bleeding profusely and suffering from low pressure. As we speak, she is helpless and needs to be urgently resuscitated. It is our prayer that Almighty God will save her from this illness,’’ our source at the hospital told this paper.

Meanwhile, when one Jackson, who is a Superintendent at Bea Mountain Mining Corporation Office in Monrovia was contacted for comments regarding the humiliating situation, he said he was not aware of the report obtained by this paper. However, he promised to get back to this paper after talking with the Office Chief of Human Resource concerning the matter. But up to press time, he could not get back to this paper.

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