LIBERIA: As Pepsi Yeke Officially turns Over EPS Weapon Director Gaye rescinds Arrest Decision


The former Executive Director of the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment(LACE), Pepsi Quiwu Yeke, has officially turned over the Executive Protection Service(EPS) weapon which was previously and legally assigned to him according to his Tuesday’s statement.

Mr. Yeke, the EPS boss disclosed, turned over the weapon through Cllr. Archie Bernard.

In a statement, Director Sam Gaye stressed that his recent decision to describe Mr. Yeke wanted, armed and dangerous was due to his alleged refusal to hand over the EPS weapon following writing communication and phone calls but the former LACE head stated that Mr. Gaye did not follow the procedure and he was not communicated to as claimed by the EPS boss.

Director Gaye made it categorically clear that no President can authorize the Director of the EPS to issue government service weapons to civilians, additionally the Director of the EPS has no authority to issue service weapons to civilians who are not EPS agents.

However, pursuant to the EPS Act, he clarified the President can authorize the Director to assign a trained armed agent to a protectee.

He re-emphasized that no one is authorized to carry weapons around the President except the EPS.

“Mr. Yeke has complied, therefore the arrest bulletin has been rescinded,” he added.

The latest announcement by the new EPS boss so far has laid to rest the issue following mixed views in the public relative to the security related issue.

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