Liberia, Angola Forge Stronger Ties in Oil and Gas Sector


Liberian’s Foreign Minister Sara Beysolow Nyanti, representing Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr., President of Liberia, met João Lourenço, President of Angola, at the Presidential Palace in Upper City, Luanda.

The high-level diplomatic engagement marks a significant step forward in bolstering bilateral relations, with a particular emphasis on cooperation in the oil and gas sector.

During the meeting, both leaders expressed their commitment to deepening the collaboration between Liberia and Angola.

Foreign Minister Nyanti conveyed President Boakai’s greetings and emphasized Liberia’s eagerness to learn from Angola’s extensive experience and expertise in the oil and gas industry.

The discussions underscored the mutual benefits of such a partnership, aiming to harness Angola’s advanced technological capabilities and Liberia’s untapped resource potential.

President Lourenço highlighted Angola’s readiness to share knowledge, best practices, and technical support to assist Liberia in developing its oil and gas sector.

The key collaboration is expected to lead to substantial economic growth and job creation, significantly impacting Liberia’s socio-economic landscape.

The meeting also covered broader aspects of bilateral cooperation, including trade, investment, and capacity building.

Both parties acknowledged the importance of creating a conducive environment for private sector investment and collaboration.

The exchange underscored the necessity of establishing robust regulatory frameworks and infrastructure to support the growth of the oil and gas industry in Liberia.

Foreign Minister Nyanti remarked, “This engagement signifies a new chapter in Liberia-Angola relations.’’

“We are committed to leveraging this partnership to boost our oil and gas industry, which is pivotal for Liberia’s economic diversification and development,” she added.

“Angola is pleased to collaborate with Liberia and share our experiences. This partnership not only strengthens our bilateral ties but also contributes to the stability and prosperity of the region.’’

The meeting concluded with a mutual agreement to establish a joint task force to explore and implement strategies for cooperation in the oil and gas sector.

The task force will be responsible for facilitating technical exchanges, investment opportunities, and the development of joint ventures.

Meanwhile, the diplomatic engagement between Liberia and Angola represents a significant milestone in their bilateral relations, reinforcing a shared vision of economic growth and regional stability through strategic cooperation in the oil and gas sector.

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