The most talk-about 419 transaction between “business man” Alford Morgan and the outgoing government of Liberia, the snatching of Solway’s license by some crooks in the outgoing government, needs not to meet the indifference of the incoming government of Liberia for the fact that Alford Morgan seems to see a danger for him in the horizon and he has activated his machination contraption.

Realizing the fact that the easy-to-manipulate way he had in the outgoing government may not be the same in the incoming government, Morgan has embarked on an escapade of using resources he received from AML on the outgoing officials to force his way on Solway’s site before the few days, that are left for said officials, expire.

On January 8, 2024, a meeting was masterminded by Morgan and called by the Superintendent of Nimba County. This meeting congregated Interlog, the Joint Forest Management team and AML on one hand and Zor, Gba, Sehi Advicacy group one the other hand.

The intention of the meeting was to find an amicable solution to the fight between the both sides regarding the invasion of Solway’s site by AML on ground that the license to exploit said site has been turned over to AML.

The Advicacy group of Zor, Gba and Sehyi has been resisting to the adventure of AML because, according to them, AML has not been treating the residents of areas already under the control of the company well.

“We want competition in our county, competition will compare companies to treat our population the way we want it. AML has been operating in our county for years now and we are yet to see improvement in our affected communities. It does not have to be necessarily Solway, but our people need another company, not only AML.” The Advocacy group has always said.

Following the secret operation between Morgan and some crook officials of the George Weah government to have the license of Solway turned over dubiously to AML for 17.5 million, Morgan embarked immediately on a campaign of disinformation amongst the population of Zor, Gba, and Sehyi.

This campaign allows him to be collecting some cash from AML in the name of preparing the population of Zor, Gba, and Sehyi to be ready for the arrival of AML.

An initial amount of 200 thousand usd was allegedly given to Morgan by AML to embark on his mission of softening the grounds of Zor, Gba, and Sehyi for AML.

Unfortunately the Interlog boss met the barricade of the Advocacy Group’s resistance in Zor, Gba, and Sehyi where he has been asked throughout to show a document from the government that indicates the turning over of Solway’s license to AML.

The President-elect Joseph Boakai said few hours after the final results that he will make sure the mining sector under his administration benefits the people of Liberia. The hew President promised to review all mining contracts signed by his predecessors.

This position of the incoming government has changed the situation, thus put putting Morgan’s back to the wall in such a way that he has no other option but to do all he can, get his best ammunition out of the disinformation bag to have the affected communities to let him have access to the mountains.

The meeting was held on Monday January 8 but unfortunately the advocacy group did not make any concessions.

“The time our people were being fooled with few cash to allow Morgan get rich at the detriment of the masses is over. Our position is definite, we need competition here. Moreover, why is he rushing this thing when we about to have a new government?” The advocacy group indicates.

“He is doing it out of trepidation…” I will say.

For how long will you keep exploiting the trust of the people? “You can fool some people some time but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.” Bob Marley said.

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