In 2023 Senatorial Race Dopoe Menkarzon vows to retire PYJ

detests His 27 Years of Tubman Leadsehip Style


A prominent son of Nimba County, Dopoe G. Menkarzon, has vowed to retire Nimba County Senator Prince Yormie Johnson ‘‘alias’’ PYJ, asserting that the 18-year reign of the Nimba County Senator has yielded no fruit to Nimbaians, especially in the area of empowerment opportunities.

‘’ The people of Nimba County cannot give Senator Johnson another 9 years, making him to be like the late President William V.S. Tubman who served Liberia for 27 years. We are tired of him and he must be retired in October of this year,’’ Mr. Menkarzon further asserted.

Speaking recently when he announced his intention to contest the Nimba County Senatorial Race, Mr. Menkarzon, an agriculturist by profession, blasted Senator Johnson for his ‘‘divisive and deceptive” politics to the people of Nimba County against President George Manneh Weah.

Mr. Menkarzon, who has given his support for the re-election of President Weah, pointed out that, “Nimba is not a political party for one person to decide the fate of all. It is a county that has different political parties with each having their own ideologies, and they decide who they support or not. If you want help, you help. If you can’t help, don’t harm.”

His outburst against Senator Johnson came on the heels of recent criticisms by the Nimba County Senator against President Weah, in which he accused the Liberian leader for failing to empower Nimbaians by not awarding them cabinet positions in government.

Senator Johnson has been on a campaign spree telling people of his county to vote against the government in 2023.

However, Mr. Menkarzon sees empowerment differently, stressing that the best kind of empowerment that the people need is through their agricultural initiatives and not necessarily ministerial jobs or cabinet positions.

“This Senator has spent 18 years without help to the people of Nimba. There is a need to empower the cooperatives instead of seeking direct government job. We can step up our own development self-initiatives when we are empowered. Food security for the county and the country is the most important thing that we must be speaking about,” averred the prominent son of Nimba.

He urged Nimbaians to change the flavor of the “potatoes greens” this time around in 2023 and turn to the “cassava leaves” by voting out Senator Johnson if their development objectives are to be achieved.

According to him, the developmental agenda of Nimba cannot be achieved under the long-term stewardship of Senator Johnson because, according to him, he is not a unifier, predicated on the fact of his latest verbal attacks against “peacemaker” Weah.

“This year, 2023, I want to announce that I will be running for the Senatorial seat in Nimba County and I will win the position in Nimba County. Senator Johnson has painted himself as the messiah for Nimba, but he’s not, that deceptive. He wants to preach divisive politics. We all took training together and after we got to Liberia he defected from the group and formed his own troop and sat way there in Caldwell. It was me and other Nimbaians that were left on the ground to defend the people of Nimba. And now he is claiming to be the savior of this county? He’s not,” the top Nimbaian accentuated.

“Nimba needs a unifier and this country needs a unifier and not people with deceptive and divisive politics like Senator Prince Johnson,” he, among other things, added.

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