IB Bank CEO files for Divorce


The Chief Executive Officer at the International Bank, Henry F. Saamoi, has filed an action of divorce for incompatibility of temper and cruel and inhumane treatment at the Civil Law Court against his wife, Vivian Joe-Saamoi.

According to complainant Saamoi, he married Madam Joe- Saamoi on December 6, 2015 with the mindset of living in peace, love and harmony, but unfortunately, she became violent by engaging in a fist fight and very disrespectful in the presence of their children and Maid.

The International Bank CEO said on two separate occasions his wife spilled blood and also threatened to break bottle on his head.

With several interventions made by her Pastor and family aimed at having Madam Joe- Saamoi desist from her disrespectful, violent and quarrelsome, intolerably pugnacious and belligerent behavior toward him, her behavior has not changed.

He furthered that on the basis of these listed above, he was constrained to write a communication on February 22, 2019 to Madam Joe- Saamoi of her attitude of which made his living conditions a dangerous one and the well-being of herself. Additionally, he was leaving and vacating their marital home for his life to be preserved.

He then prayed Judge Kennedy Peabody to decree a dissolving martial contract entered by both parties.

In resistance, Mrs. Vivian Joe- Saamoi said those allegations are false and misleading. She pointed out that her husband abandoned their martial vows and became very irresponsible and constantly engaged in extra marital affairs and at no point in time she caused bodily harm on him.

“I wonder how will I constantly engage in fist fight with Saamoi who is more than six (6) feet tall and weigh more than two hundred (200) pounds,” she asked.

She informed the court that during the trial she will provide evidence to substantiate the assertion showing bodily injury in her face inflicted by him while confronted him of his extra marital affairs and several text messages between his several extra marital affairs.

Madam Saamoi contented that Mr. Saamoi became very brutal, cruel and uses insulting words against her whenever she comforts him about his abusive, uncaring and unloving attitude.

Additionally, Madam Saamoi said it was her husband who normally called the pastor, friends and family to plead on his behalf and promised to desist from his cruel and inhumane attitude.

Meanwhile, she prayed that Judge Peabody deny and dismiss Mr. Saamoi’s complaint for divorce for incompatibility of temper and cruel and inhumane treatment.

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