I am ready to take the CPP to victory in October …Says Cummings As He speaks On Key Issues


Opposition Leader Alexander Benedict Cummings has called on Liberians ready for ‘real change’ to join him in turning the tie come October 10 this year instead of questioning his electability.
Addressing the issue in a major statement he delivered at the Headquarters of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) on Monday, May 1, 2023, Mr. Cummings said he was ready to take the CPP to victory come October.
My people, we who believe in change must stand together, and with each other. We who want to move our country forward and not backward must work together for the change our country so desperately needs. We can, and together, should chart a new path not just to win the election, but more importantly, to fix our country,’’ asserted Mr. Cummings.

He stated, “Today, as always, I open my arms and the CPP to everyone looking to work for real change in our country. Together, let us write a new chapter for our country’s future. If not us, then who? If not now, then when? And so, my people, don’t ask if Cummings can win. Ask if you are ready for real change. Because if you are ready to change Liberia as I am ready to do, I promise you that together, we will win. We will win massively, and together, we will lead differently. Our winning coalition will not just be of parties, it will be for the good of the country. We will change our country and improve the living conditions of our people.”
Responding to critics who say he is new to Liberian politics and has no experience in public service, he said “I am often criticized for not having “government experience.” Well, if government experience is to steal from the people and neglect them to suffer than thank God I don’t have “government experience.”
He intoned that while he may not have worked in government, he is master in fixing thing.
“My experience is in fixing systems so things work better for all to enjoy. I have no “government experience” in trying to benefit from corrupt and broken-down system. My experience is one of leadership in standing for principles and the values of hard work, integrity and honesty, and in keeping promises I make. My experience is one of leadership in doing the right things the right way, and not sacrificing my values and principles just to win,” the opposition leader pointed out.
Mr. Cummings, a staunch critics of President George Manneh Weah and his officials, did not spare his words in his criticism of the Liberian Government.
Referencing United Sates Ambassador Michael McCarthy’s damning criticism of the Weah-government, Mr. Cummings averred, it was “very shameful and embarrassing for the presidency and the entire country for strangers to tell us how rotten, corrupt and irresponsible the Liberian government is under the leadership of President George Weah.”
At the end of his tour of the counties, Amb. McCarthy decried the harsh conditions of rural Liberians. He said hospitals were not receiving any of the US$100,000 appropriated in the 2022 Budget for their operations, while county service Centers were abandoned.
McCarthy said despite these hardships, the government institution that were responsible to intervene were not doing so, making him to conclude the “blocking of resources to hospitals is so complete that it must be due to the existence of a syndicate involving players at the legislature, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.”
While the U.S. Ambassador’s complaints were genuine, Mr. Cummings said he is confident President Weah will do nothing about what the American Ambassador has said and reported.
“He will not do anything because we know that a fish gets rotten from the head. For the government to be rotten, the head must, first, be rotten! When someone hay (head) burns, don’t ask about his beard,’’ he added.
Mocking the President, Mr. Cummings accentuated that ‘‘President Weah is running Liberia like an irresponsible father who spends his pay on liquor only to beg his neighbors to feed his family, pay his rent and children school fees.”
He said it was unacceptable for American taxpayers’ money to be spent on health and education, and government workers, while ‘‘Liberian leaders are stealing, partying and travelling abroad to bluff with the country’s wealth they have stolen’’.

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