Homosexual, Gay and Lesbian Practices in Liberia denounced

At African Family Policy Training Workshop in Monrovia


A one- day training workshop,  which  focused on African Family Policy and the protection of African families from controversial issues such as homosexuality, lesbianism, gay activities, deceptive reproductive health and rights, legal abortion, and transgender procedures was the first ever to be held in Liberia.


It was sponsored by an international NGO known as the Family Watch International in partnership with the Liberia NGO Network (LINNK) and the Liberian Chapter of the African Christian Professional Forum (ACPF).

The workshop  was facilitated by Madame Sharon Slater and  Mr. Kakeeto A. Richard, President and Policy Advisor respectively of the family Watch International, and was graced by high profiled personalities including three incumbent parliamentarians in Liberia headed Speaker Bhofal Chamber of the house of Representatives in Liberia, Representative  Matthew Zizi of Montserrado County, and Representative Saah Foko of Sinoe County.

Addressing the training workshop participants on Friday, November 4, 2022 in the diplomatic enclave of Mamba Point in Monrovia, House Speaker Bhofal Chamber decried the practices of homosexuality, lesbianism, gay and transgender practices, which according to him, violate the traditional norms, domains family values, and desecrates morality, religious norms and Christian teaching. “While I also decry harmful traditional practices, it is equally wrong to impose these alien cultures on African families that that violate our traditional family value system,” Speaker Chamber stressed.

He called on African governments and peoples to unite and revolutionize ideals and efforts that will oppose the imposition of foreign practices including the same sex marriages and transgender procedures. Speaker Chamber also wants African leaders to halt the continuous extraction of raw natural resources including timber, diamond, gold and rubber from African countries without value addition, making specific reference to the Firestone Rubber Company that has spent decades transporting crude rubber latex from Liberia. The three Liberian parliamentarians expressed support to the works of Family Watch International in Liberia.

Others attending the workshop were members of the Christian community, politicians, policy experts, female students and religious leaders, with topics such as “protecting Liberia’s children and families from the deceptive Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and Child’s Sex Education (CSE) Movement; Understanding the hidden harmful agendas behind the pending ACP/EU Treaty; an in-depth analysis of Liberia’s proposed Health Law of Liberia;  the model laws and policies to support family values, protect children and parental rights and to safeguard national sovereignty,  as well as  the sexual-social and cultural decolonization of Africa among others were also discussed.

Also speaking at the training workshop, the Policy Advisor of Family Watch International, Mr. Kakeeto A. Richard, who flew from the African State of Kenya to address the workshop participants, said sexual and reproductive Health and Rights are undermining family values by promoting abortion, homosexuality and lesbianism among others. He said under the sexual and reproductive and Health rights, African countries are now educating children as young as five years old on sexual education and rights, the rights for same sexual partners including gay partners to  marry, which according to him, are undermining natural family values, morality and good traditional norms, stressing that African families must therefore very mindful of these deceptive sexual and reproductive and Health rights that have been adopted and approved by the 27 countries of the European Union.

The one- day long workshop was also addressed by Madame Sharon Slater, President of Family Watch International through a video link. She spoke on the danger of Sexual Reproductive and health Rights and health laws of some countries that are promoting legal abortion, homosexuality, lesbianism, gay rights and transgender activities. She said legal abortion that has been approved by countries is not proper for the family, saying that in the instance of emergency involving a pregnant, the doctor should instead exert every attempt to save the baby and mother.

For his part, the President of the Liberian NGO network (LINNK), Evangelist Stephen Norman, gave an overview of the workshop and called on participants to work together with the government in protecting the families and discouraging corruption in society and government. LINNK is working with family Watch which was founded in 1999 in the United States to protect the family by working to preserve and promote traditional marriage, safeguard parental rights, defend human life, uphold religious liberty and protect the health and liberty of the innocence of children. FWI now has members in 170 countries.


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