Gov’t assured of Sufficient Rice


The Liberian Government has been assured of sufficient supply of rice pending the arrival of another vessel in the Country.



A Ministry of Commerce and Industry press release issued over the weekend is at the same time urging the public to report anyone selling above the stipulated price announced over the weekend by the Liberian Government.

The wholesale price of 25kg of the commodity is now seventeen dollars and fifty-cents.

The press release disclosed that the decision was reached on the new price of rice following consultation with relevant stakeholders, including rice importers, the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) and the Rice Stabilization Taskforce due to the current challenges faced with sourcing of the commodity.

It can be recalled that over the last five years, the Government of Liberia(GoL) has continuously worked with the importers of rice to ensure that the price of rice remains affordable for the Liberian people and available on the local market.



Accordingly, President George Manneh Weah sometimes ago constituted a Rice Stabilization Taskforce, with the mandate to assess sustainability of current interventions, explore all options and propose new measures necessary to keep rice affordable and available on the Liberian market.

‘‘We want to assure the public that the current stock of rice in country can sufficiently serve the market up to the arrival of subsequent scheduled vessels. We therefore encourage businesses to continue to carry out unrestricted sale of rice, void of price hiking and profiteering at the expense of the ordinary people. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, through its inspectorate will ensure straight compliance with this decision and calls on the public to report anyone found selling above the government regulated price,’’ the GoL,  through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, stated.

Meanwhile, the GoL says it remains committed to its Pro-Poor Agenda by ensuring rice and other essential commodities remain available and affordable.


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