GoL asked to sign into the new elections law

With just nine months to the October 10, 2023 Elections


The Integrity Watch Liberia(IWL) has said it is alarmed by the delay in signing into law of the new elections law by the government with just nine months to the October 10, 2023 elections.

It can be recalled that the legislature in October of last year amended Section 7.3 (2), Section 4.5, Section 4.5 (1d), Section 5.12(3) and section 3.1 sections of the new elections law of 1986 and forwarded to the President office.

The IWL pointed out that it is deeply concerned of the lack of progress since these amendments were made by the legislature for the president’s signature.

‘‘We are even more troubled that given the high-stakes elections, the President failed to mention progress in this regard as we inch closer to the October 10 2023 Legislative and Presidential Elections. The Government of Liberia(GoL) in our opinion is yet to show real commitment or political will that translates into adequate action to ensure the signing of the amendment into law. We are inclined to believe that the delay by the President not to sign the law is an attempt to walk-back on his commitment towards democratic reforms and the holding of free, fair, credible and transparent elections,’’ a press release issued in Monrovia and signed by the Executive Director, Mr. Harold M. Aidoo, Sr. stated

Meanwhile, the IWL, therefore, called on the GoL through the office of the president to prioritize the signing of the law and on international partners to urge the government to live up to its democratic governance reform commitment.

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