Former U.S. Ambassador to Liberia commends Liberians for Peaceful Run-Off Election


Former U.S. Ambassador to Liberia Linda Thomas-Greenfield has commended the Liberian people for their commitment to democracy in the recently concluded runoff election. The Ambassador praised the citizens for their dedication to exercising their right to vote in a broad and peaceful manner, reinforcing Liberia’s aspiration to become a beacon of peaceful citizen-centered democratic governance in the region.
Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield emphasized the importance of accountability in the electoral process and issued a stern warning against any attempts to undermine it through fraud, violence, or intimidation. The United States, she stated, will actively call out and condemn any actions that threaten the integrity of the electoral process.
“At each step of this election, Liberians from all walks of life have expressed their desire for Liberia to become a beacon of peaceful citizen-centered democratic governance in the region,” said Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield. “The United States remains committed to helping the people of Liberia achieve this goal.”
Liberia, one of the oldest continuous republics in the world, has been striving to establish a stable and transparent democratic system. The recent runoff election marks a significant step in this journey, with the Liberian people demonstrating a strong determination to shape the future of their nation through democratic means.
The U.S. government’s commitment to supporting Liberia in achieving its democratic goals was reiterated by Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield, who emphasized the need for free and fair elections as a cornerstone of a thriving democracy. The United States, she said, stands ready to assist Liberia in its pursuit of becoming a model of democratic governance in the region.
As Liberia awaits the final results of the runoff election, the international community, including the United States, will closely monitor the process to ensure its transparency and fairness. Any attempts to compromise the integrity of the electoral process will be met with strong condemnation, as emphasized by Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield’s statement.

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