Diaspora Liberians urged to Invest Here


The Chief Executive Officer of the Bukonjadeh Group of Companies wants Liberians residing abroad to invest in Liberia.

Elton Johns stated that if Liberians residing abroad can invest in the real estate industry, it will go a long way in transforming the socio-economic development of Liberia.

According to Mr. Johns, the real estate industry has a great potential in the nation and the possibility to enhance it is very high in Liberia.

The Bukonjadeh boss made the assertion over the weekend as he assured Liberians abroad about good business climate in the country.

He noted that some Liberians have not yet realized that only Liberians can develop Liberia, stating that despite the presence of foreign investors, it is the responsibility of every Liberian to ensure that the country moves forward in all aspects of development.

He stressed that Liberians should be positive in their thinking about the growth and development of nation rather than be negative toward building their potential in the private sector, which is the engine of growth in any economy in any country and Liberia cannot be exception.

“With the collective effort of every Liberian, be it home or abroad, their little contribution will help to strengthen the development of this nation and its people,” said Mr. Johns.

He pointed out that Liberians investing in Liberia has more advantages than investing in foreign countries, noting that there is nowhere like home.

Mr. Johns believes that Liberians have the potential to transform the country through the business sector, which according to him, other countries within the sub-region have achieved some levels of development over the past three decades.

“Liberia can also do better when all hands are on desk than promoting negative images about the country on social media which have impeded the move of more direct foreign investments that could create more jobs for the people,” stated the Bukonjadeh boss.

The Bukonjadeh Chief Executive Officer furthered that while Liberia is at a crossroad come October 10, 2023 Elections, Liberians should continue to ensure that peace is maintained no matter whoever should emerge as a winner in the process.

He warned the youth of Liberia against any form of violence during and after the electoral process.

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