Group of soldiers early this morning appeared on the national Television of Gabon to announce that they have unseated President Aly Bongo of Gabon.

Ali Bongo Ondimba, Gabon’s president, speaks during an interview in New York, U.S., on Wednesday, April 20, 2016. Gabon will hold presidential elections in August that could see Bongo extend his family’s rule over the country to more than 50 years. Photographer: Michael Nagle/Bloomberg via Getty Images

“The elections held on August 26, 2023, and its truncated results are hereby null and void. The borders are hereby closed. The constitution and all public institution are suspended.” The Spokesperson of the soldier said.

Hours later, Aly Bongo tweeted to call on all of his friends in the world to make noise because he does not know what is going on.

“I want to send a message to all the friends that we have all over the world to make noise. Because the people here have arrested me. My family, my son is somewhere, my wife in another place, I am at the residence, I don’t know what is happening.” Aly Bongo said.

The coup in Gabon came hours after the election commission announced that Aly Bongo has won with 63% of the votes in an election where all opposition parties decided to have only one candidate.

When his father died in power after ruling for 41 years, Aly Bongo became President and has ruled for two turns. He was seeking for the third one.

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