Monrovia, 6 January 2023 (DWN) – The Liberia National Police, LNP, on Thursday evening, announced the seizure of huge amount of arms and ammunitions at the Freeport of Monrovia while divulging the arrest of three persons who are currently undergoing investigation in connection with the macabre seizure.
“A Liberian in Texas, the United states of America, Boy Benjamin BAKER, is the prime suspect in the seizure of a 40feet container full of fire arms and ammunitions. Baker is believed to be an employee of American Airline Company.” Police investigations reveal.
According to security sources the rifles discovered in the 40 feet container are mounted with long-range lens glasses, including M-203 gadgets, American made M16, and AK 47 rifles.
“The Liberian joint security through the Liberian Government is working in collaboration with the American Embassy to have Baker extradited to Liberia for proper investigation.” Patrick SUDUE, Police Inspector General, told journalists.
Following the arrest, diverged views of Liberians had lured to false news on one hand, and suspicious of opposition being the author on the other hand.
However, the head of the Liberia national Police, Patrick SUDUE, told journalists that investigation carried out so far has no indication of any opposition being associated to the importation of this huge amount of deadly arms.
The joint security apparatus of Liberia raided the home of the prime suspect in Brewerville and discovered more weapons and ammunitions at the residence of Boy Benjamin BAKER.
“The LNP arrested one Barbara Debbah, a resident of OLD Road community who is the contact person of Boy Benjamin Baker. She receives the weapons upon arrival. We have arrested Melvina PYNE who is the broker of the company in connection with the company that is shaping the arms, and one Ezekiel Tamba was arrested at the residence of Mr. Baker.” Police IG said.
The news about the discovery of arms and ammunitions at the Freeport of Liberia and other community at the suburb of the Liberian capital has triggered new wave of worries among the population of the Liberian capital.
In various homes, public gatherings, markets, the main topic of discussions has become “Boy Benjamin Baker and his unusual importation of weapons of mass destruction”.

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