CDC Governing Council announces Steps taken to resolve NPP’s Leadership Stalemate


In recent months, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has been tackling with disagreements surrounding the Leadership within one of its constituent political parties, the National Patriotic Party (NPP).

The Coalition’s Governing Council acknowledges that these challenges confronting the NPP are but the normal political bickering characterizing Political Parties and their activities, especially disagreements bordering on inclusive democratic framework for legitimate leadership formulation.

The Coalition for Democratic Change being a coherent, peaceful and united political structure, welcomes the cooperation of leaders and stalwarts of the NPP, which appears to have emerged stronger out of recent disharmonies; undesired activities that nonetheless strengthen an institution and a nation’s democracy.

As the highest level organ of the Coalition arrangement, the Governing Council is pleased to announce that consistent with the intervention of the Chairman of the Coalition Governing Council, H.E. George M. Weah, the following decisions have been reached;

1. Given that all sides in the NPP crisis have agreed to return to status quo ante in preparation for 2023 Elections, the Coalition for Democratic Change calls on all three parties to set-up a 7-man delegation each to immediately commence discussions on details of the Coalition Framework Document.

2. The Governing Council recognizes H.E. Jewel Howard-Taylor as Standard-bearer of the NPP.

3. The Governing Council recognizes Senator James Biney as Chairman of the NPP.

4. That the NPP standard-bearer H.E. Jewel Howard-Taylor proceeds to nominate party members to fill all vacancies on the NPP Executive Committee.

5. That deliberations on the Coalition Framework Document begins on December 10, 2022.

The CDC Governing Council encourages all members of the NPP to take due cognizance of these announced measures as deliberations continue, and join other members of constituent parties to mobilize in a gargantuan fashion for both the November 12, 2022 Membership Dues Drive, and the December 20, 2022 Nomination Day.

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