A proposal of protection for Suakoko as she fears for her life

The government of Liberia has made an overture of protection for Montserrado District 4 Representative following her declaration that “the CDC government is after my life.”


In a social post, Representative Suakoko Dennis of District 4 in Montserrado said she believes that the government wants to kill her.

“I believe the CDC government is after my life. I strongly believe they want to kill me there. Remember these words as I speak. If I go missing, it’s because of my belief. If I am found dead, no autopsy please just let me be. The government is witch-hunting me. They want to kill me in my opinion. “ Suakoko Dennis said.

The government of Liberia, in a press statement from the office of the Minister of Information, said it is not in the habit of taking the lives of its citizens.

“The Liberian Government wants to make it categorically clear that it is not in the business of taking away the lives of its citizens, needlessly talking about a well-known public servant.” The release from the information Ministry stipulates, adding…”however, an offer of Special Police Protection was made as an overture to allay the fears of the Representative.”

The press release farther detailed that a conference meeting involving the leadership of the house of representatives and select members of the cabinet has been held to investigate the claims of Montserrado County District 4 Representative, Rustonlyn Suakoko Dennis, who recently alleged that government is after her life.

“The exhaustive meeting was chaired by Speaker Bhofal Chambers and included Deputy Speaker J. Fonati Koffa and other ranking members of the House of Representatives. The Executive Branch of government was represented by the Minister of Justice, Cllr Frank Musah Dean, Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Williametta Piso Saydee Tarr, Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Ledgerhood J. Rennie, and the Police Inspector General Colonel Patrick Sudue among others.” The release elaborates.

Expounding farther on what was discussed during the meeting held amongst the House of Representatives and selected members of the Executive Branch of government, the said that the body heard the account of Honorable Dennis and agreed to the following:

“That the claims were based mainly on hearsay with no substantive proof that could warrant a full-scale investigation by the Ministry of Justice. However, an offer of Special Police Protection was made as an overture to allay the fears of the Representative.

It was also agreed that the Minister of Justice, who headed the executive branch’s delegation, look into the Paynesville Magisterial Court’s Writ of Arrest issued against the district 4 Representative in a private matter involving her and a lady she identified as Cytarus Dahn.

The Minister is asked to advise the leadership of the House of Representatives on the legality of the writ in a matter the representative believes is a misdemeanor that should not have warranted such writ.”

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